Sunday, November 22, 2009

This last week I've wandered around the Texas Hill country looking for images for a bank project I'm currently putting together. It never fails...I sit in my studio thinking about what images I should look for and after being out there I find much better images than all my planning prepared me for. The moral of the story is there is very little inspiration to be found sitting in front of a computer. There are unlimited possibilities once you leave the studio and enter the great outdoors. The pity is that I have learned this lesson many times and I still spend way too much time and energy in the studio.

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  1. Hi Bob, I was just talking with our friend Patti Larsen and she turned me on to your website.. Love your work and the traveling must be hard to take lol. Anyway you mentioned you came up to the hill country. I have a b&b in FBG and would love you to come by anytime.. you might find some inspiration for a pic! Good to catch up with you.. tell Judy I send my regards. Hope to see you soon. Ann White (now Mcintyre)